If you would like to join our club please follow this steps:

1.  Download and complete the Membership Application and the Spaceport Aviation (SPA) renter's agreement found at these links.


2. Provide the completed application to SPA either by email at fly@spaceport aviation.com or by giving the hard copy to SPA office admin. 

3.  SPA will collect a $50 initiation fee and you will need to put a credit card on file with SPA prior to your first flight.  You may also elect to buy block time in $1,000 increments to qualify for additional rate reductions.

3. Use the PayPal Subscribe link below to schedule a $50 club dues payment.   The PayPal payment is set to automatically reoccur on whatever day you initiate the first payment.  

4. You will receive a system generated email from Flight Schedule Pro that asks that you activate your account.  Log in, set your password and complete the "My Profile" information in the online scheduler.

5.  Schedule a checkout flight with one of the SPA instructors in your choice of aircraft.  A flight checkout typically consists of T/O and Landings, slow flight, and approach to stall.  A checkout in the C150 or C152 will qualify you to fly either aircraft.  A separate checkout is required for the C172 and LSA.

Please contact one of the TFC board members if you have any questions.